A very interesting publication by the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. Creative Man is about future creative people and their impact on our society. The author predicts several consequences as a result of the rise of creative people:

– prosumers: customers who design their own products. e.g. Dell Computers, Build-a-Bear Stores

– creativity will be a leisure activity, i.e. many will choose to create products such as software, music, and books just as a result of pursuing their creativity in their free time

– organizations will need a different approach to seeking out, employing, and nurturing creative people. For example, education will have to be customized to the needs of every individual, giving opportunities to pursue one’s own unique interests; the labor market will offer more free agents interested in short-term employment rather than people interested in long-term, continual employment; creative people are motivated more by the nature of their tasks rather than money, so finding the right projects for the right employees will be key in attracting talent; since creativity is difficult to quantify, the assessment of the work of creative people will have to be different than purely industrial evaluations such as units produced or hours spent at work.

It would be quite interesting to apply this dimensions to present organizations. The book can be downloaded here.