Given the question above, most people would naturally relate it to the IQ, the test results, or the very well developed common sense of somebody. Therefore, in many cases schools end up admitting the top 10-20% of applicants based on admission test results, for example. However, there are many theories that suggest that there are other types of intelligences apart from the logical (mathematical). For example, some people have quite a good emotional intelligence (i.e. they can control and stir their emotions in a superb way), others have interpersonal intelligence (i.e. the ability to interact with others in a superb way which makes them natural negotiators), or linguistic intelligence (i.e. being able to explain complicated theories in simple words). Yet in none of the schools I have studied at have I ever been asked something else other than what the results of my admission tests are. Unfortunately, that also kills intelligence diversity in the classroom and prevents students from developing other types of intelligences apart from what they already have (yes, one can excel in 2-3 different types of intelligences).