It does not take much for one to find out that we all have different learning styles. Some learn best through discussing the curriculum with others, some like playing educational games, others just like learning by doing. Yet there is absolutely zero adjustment to that fact when one looks at how the classrooms operate. On the contrary, what happens most often is that in classes which are taught by mathematically minded teachers, mathematically minded students excel; in classes that are taught by spatially minded teachers (teaching through pictures, movement, and action), spatially minded students excel and so on. The examples are countless. And since teachers rarely adjust their style of teaching in relation to different learning styles, you have large chunks of students being left behind in important classes that they cannot easily follow by applying their own learning styles. An example are the PowerPoint tortures which everybody has been through: 60+ slides with huge chunks of text on every slide – thank you very much! I’d rather listen to a 5 min podcast instead.