Assessment is quite a big part of university education. It almost kills me to observe how enormous resources are put into it only to arrive at some number that is so highly subjective that it almost means nothing. For example, your results are influenced by so many subjectives factors: you might have personal difficulties at the time, you might have difficulties learning the subject because it is quite frankly boring and your motivation to excel is low, you might have more important projects to work with like starting your own business, etc. Besides, what exactly does it mean that one has for example a B and another has B- or C? Does it mean that my business will be unsuccessful? What is the connection between the grade and the real world apart from the fact that it might be used to get recruited to some company (not a guaranteed position as this is only one criteria)? I have often observed that the grade difference is solely based on whose memory is better in studying and reciting the subject material. Given a particular real life situation, it is very difficult to predict whether the person with C or the person with B- will act better.