I just finished reading a book by Roger Martin called “The Design of Business”. I love one of the great messages in it: it is more important to ask good questions than to seek definitive answers. I decided to start collecting creative, provocative, and unexpected questions which one might ask when looking for the next great idea. so far i have the following:
1) If we were legally banned from selling our products to our customers tomorrow, how and to whom would we continue to sell? (used to unravel new client groups and ways of marketing products)
2) What’s stopping you from: marketing/selling/improving something? (usually used to scale down an issue, to make it more specific and to focus on the details) suggested by Min Basadur
3) Why is it important to market/sell/improve something? (used to scale up an issue)
4) What if…?
5) What else?
I would be happy if you contribute creative questions which you have been asking! thanks a bunch