I just watched the following video on TED:

I must say that it is impressive what a long way we have gone through in just 100 years (as a comparison, it took about 200 years before slavery was abolished both in the New World and in Europe).

However, I must also say that I would not be celebrating yet. With the shift in society towards women being the breadwinners, there may come other tendencies such as:

1) Lower birthrate (choosing career over children)

2) More stressful everyday for women

3) Due to the burden on women, their health might start deteriorating faster than that of men, especially when you take into account giving birth. Inevitably the life span for women will become shorter because of the stress and exhaustion from everyday life

I am curious how this trend will develop and what the new balance will be. Every system always aims at balancing itself. For example, during the 20th century the world shifted towards segregation, division and a lack of collaboration for a long period of time, nowadays we are shifting towards global collaboration; for a long period in history women had fewer rights than men, nowadays in the civilized world they have the same rights; in the middle ages the church played a crucial role in societal processes, nowadays its influence has diminished; due to the heavy industrialization during the last two centuries, the environment has suffered, producing global warming and a shortage of water on a massive scale, we are now trying to reverse that process..and so on. the examples are numerous.

let us wait and see what the new balance will bring. I think it is not the end of men but the beginning of Man 2.0 who will have a completely different mindset and will live his life by different values and expectations.